Logo of the Chapter


THE LOGO FOR THE 2019 ORDINARY GENERAL CHAPTER cel­e­brates the 800th anniver­sary of St. Fran­cis’ mis­sion to the Near East and his meet­ing with the sul­tan. The logo’s back­ground fea­tures the sun, warm col­ors and a mosque, recall­ing what the Seraph­ic Father expe­ri­enced in his desire to bring the Gospel to the ends of the world.
At the cen­ter of the art­work, one sees the Word of God, which men can only accept through the pow­er of the Holy Spir­it, seen here rep­re­sent­ed by a dove. With­out open­ness to the tran­scen­dent, dia­logue becomes dif­fi­cult and the Book of Scrip­ture can­not be pro­claimed or incar­nat­ed in our world full of peo­ple with dif­fer­ent cul­tures and religions
Final­ly, Broth­er Leo is seen behind Fri­ar Fran­cis. Here, Leo sym­bol­izes the future of the Order, an Order attuned to its found­ing charism and ready with open arms to wel­come all men as broth­ers, beyond any social or cul­tur­al differences.
All this indi­cates the path that the Ordi­nary Gen­er­al Chap­ter wish­es to under­take. Start­ing by lis­ten­ing to the Gospel and recall­ing the expe­ri­ence of St. Fran­cis, the fri­ars com­mit them­selves to dia­logue by pro­claim­ing the Good News in every human setting.

Fri­ar Pao­lo M. BOCCI